In the basement of Kantorsgatan 36, on the 11th of December a Christmas miracle is set to occur!

Consider a party divided into two periods. In the first period the guests bring their own capital consisting of christmasy food to the Potluck (Knytis) and alcohol. Each individual will arrive with their initial wealth of food and alcohol and use their party labour to produce party vibes. Each individual will smooth their alcohol and food consumption over the two time periods in order to maximize their partytime utility.

At the end of the first period we move into the second period and continue on with the party vibes we earned in the first period. In the second period we will play games (no ponzi games, just beer pong) and consume the remaining alcohol. (We don’t work in this period 😉 )If you’d like to attend make sure you click ‘attending’ in the Facebook event. Posting there to coordinate who brings what is also greatly encouraged!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

If Facebook is your thing, there’s an event here.