Why should I join Pareto?
Pareto allows you to broaden your knowledge of various topics in modern economic science and affect educational quality at Uppsala University. Pareto also allows you to meet other students of economics through social events.

Do I need to be a student at Uppsala University to join Pareto?
No. Any student or employee of any Swedish university or college can become a member of Pareto. Our meetings and events are, however, held in Uppsala, Sweden.

How do I become a member of Pareto?
Just send an email to contact@paretouppsala.se with your name and a membership request.

Is my personal information kept confidential? 
All the information you provide are kept strictly confidential. All the members of the current elected board, however, have access to them. These information are never disclosed to any third party.

What are the benefits for members?
Social events held by Pareto are for members only (all our educational events are public). Members are also allowed to buy Pareto’s official merchandises at a cheaper price compared to non-members.

Can an exchange student join Pareto?
Yes. You are most welcome to join Pareto as an exchange student.

How can I join the board?
The current elected board reserves the right to vote you in as a board member. If you are interested in joining you need to email the president (president@paretouppsala.se)

I don’t speak Swedish, can I still join and be active at Pareto?
Pareto’s working language is English. All meetings, events and documents are in English so you can be an active member of Pareto even if you don’t speak Swedish.

I am a student at the department of economics at Uppsala University and have a suggestion about how to improve educational quality. Can you help me? 

We encourage comments and suggestions from students in order to improve education in economics at all levels. Place your feedback here and we will do our best to inform the department heads about your proposals. You have the option to keep your identity hidden while placing your comments.

Is Pareto affiliated with any student nation at Uppsala University? 
No. Pareto is not affiliated with any student nations. Nor do we have any political, ideological or theoretical ties.

How do you finance yourself?
Pareto is supported by the Department of Economics or Nationalekonomiska Institutionen (NEK). We also get additional funds from Folksuniversitetet and selling our official merchandises.

Where can I read your official charter?
You can find it here.