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2016, December 12th

Sadly, the Pareto Economic Forum was delayed by some early November snows, but we managed to reschedule and our inaugural forum was held on the 30th of November!


We were also visited by Oxford Research who held a case competition at Ekonomikum on the 8th of December. We’d like to congratulate Daniel, Mattias, Karen and Jonathan who were on the winning team!15409556_10209904042930280_674260350_o

2016, November 3rd

Announcing the first ”Pareto Economic Forum”! On November 9th, we will be visited by the Chief Economist of the Swedish Competition Agency, Martin Mandorff. For more information, see the flyer.

2016, October 6th

Pareto has been invited to a case competition at Health Navigator in Stockholm the 17th of November. During an evening at their office, you will get a chance to learn a more about their company, their projects and what it means to be a management consultant. You will also have to solve a case concerning a welfare challenges together with students from other universities and study areas – just as Health navigator do when they solve problems for their clients in interdisciplinary teams. Pricing for well-conducted case solutions will be awarded. The evening ends with a dinner to mingle with consultants at the Health Navigator. The deadline for applying is 3 November, but selection is made continuously so don’t wait to apply! This event will be held in Swedish. For more information, please consult the attached invitation or contact Unn Lindholm in Pareto at

Here’s link to their nice PDF.

2016, August 24th

The start of the new semester is imminent, and our welcome week-team is in the middle of planning the events for next week, and all our members are welcome to participate! For more information, consult our handy welcome week flyer!

2016, March 3rd

There are a few thesis competitions coming up soon! The first competition is being hosted by Konsumentverket and detailed information can be found here. The information is in Swedish but the thesis can be written in English. To be eligible the thesis must have been graded at a Swedish educational institution during the last three semesters but no later than 17th June 2016. The winners share a prize pool of 50 000 SEK! The second competition is hosted by the Swedish Demographic Association and you can find more details here. The deadline is March 23rd and there is a prize of 5000 SEK!

We also have some new board members after the annual meeting, and would like to welcome Unn Lindholm and Franziska Klein to the board, as well as thank Henrik Karlsson, Lillit Ottoson and Fabian Brunåker for their time with us, and wish them the best in the future!

2016, February 14th

The Pareto Annual Meeting will be held on 24th February at 16:00 in room F433 at Ekonomikum. All members are invited to this meeting where you will be given the opportunity to vote on items raised in the agenda. Members have the right to submit motions and other questions to be raised at the annual meeting. Members must notify the election committee of these motions/questions one week prior to the meeting. Members can contact the election committee via

Elections for the positions of Treasurer and President will be held at the annual meeting. Members may submit nominations for these positions by contacting the election committee. Nominations for these positions can be made up until the election. If the above elections require the resignation of a board member from their current position then a by-election will be held at the annual meeting for that board member’s position new balance outlet.

We hope to see you there!

2016, February 8th

Lots of news today! First of all, a report from our survey team:

This week, Pareto met with with the program directors to discuss the results of surveys taken in all of the classes provided by the department this past semester, both for first and second year students. In all, the department was very happy with the surveys and they are a good addition to the evaluation of each class. These surveys contribute to the future improvement of the courses in our program, so thank you for participating – your feedback is valuable!

To read a summary of the report we presented to the department, please go here.

Next, a report from our recent study visit to The Swedish National Financial Management Authority.

We visited the Swedish National Financial Management Authority (Ekonomistyrningsverket) and got a presentation about the prognosis and analysis department, and their different prognoses. We were also told about how their prognoses work, how the different Authorities’ prognoses differ, and the strength of having independent government fiscal forecasts. After the presentation there was ample time for questions, and we got a good view of how working at ESV differs from working at, say, the ministry of finance. Overall, it was a very informative study visit. Sadly there were no pictures this time as our photographer was unable to attend.

Moving on, we have a case competition planned, this time with Copenhagen Economics!

It will be held on the 23/2 from 13.15-16.00 in A138 at Ekonomikum, Uppsala University. To apply, please send an email to by February 16th. For more information, go no further than to this link: 2016 CE Case Competition.

Lastly, we are very pleased to announce the first official Pareto Gasque! It will be held at Västgöta Nation on the 4th of March. For more information about dress code and securing a ticket, please either visit the facebook event that our intrepid event team has put together, or if you’re not a facebook person, all the necessary information is also available here.

2015, December 18th

On Friday the 14th Pareto members visited Quantify research in Stockholm. Quantify Research provide consultancy services and advice to many large pharmaceutical companies, as well as to regional, national and international organisations and governmental bodies. Quantify Research is an experienced partner in health economics, outcomes research, real-world evidence and market access. We got a presentation of Quantify research by Fredrik Borgström, one of the founders of the company, followed by a presentation of different cases and projects that they have worked on recently. We also learned that Uppsala University is one of their largest recruiting pools, and that they are open to students interested in writing their thesis in cooperation with their company. Do note also that the office was super cozy and people took their shoes off in the hall(!) They were also so kind as to let us in on their ”Lucia-fika”. We would like to direct large thanks to all the students that came along and to the department for helping us arrange the bus trip, and especially to Quantify research for having us! We’re already looking forward to the next semester and new exciting places to visit!




2015, December 2nd

Pareto is back! Last week, we organized a case competition together with the consultancy firm Oxford Research, and it turned into a great afternoon. Caroline and Hedvig told us about working life as a consultant at Oxford Research, and presented the participants with a very challenging case on the theme Swedish adult education. Three teams competed for the win and they all made very impressive presentations. After deliberation Caroline and Hedvig named the team of Louise, Máni, Anna, Franziska and Niels the winners – CONGRATULATIONS! We would also like to thank Oxford Research for taking the time and visiting us!

pareto case comp 1

pareto case comp 2

pareto case comp 3

2014, November 16th

Pareto would like to take a moment to inform about some upcoming events which we are all very excited about.

First and foremost, Pareto have organized a study visit to Riksdagens Utredningstjänst (RUT) on December 1st from 10:00. RUT is the independent policy evaluation department linked to the Swedish parliament. The idea is that we will first be given a short tour and presentation about their work and then later sit down in smaller groups containing current employees to be able to ask questions regarding their work original new balance. Registration is mandatory to attend and you register by sending an email stating your name to (no later than the 21st of November). It should be mentioned that due to a limited amount of funds we are unable to organize transportation from Uppsala and hence we will instead meet up in Stockholm, more on this later.

Secondly, on the 11th of December at 13.15, Copenhagen Economics will be coming back for yet another Case Competition. Registrations are mandatory, as usual you register by sending an email to no later than the 4th of December, to know more read THIS.

Thirdly, on the 4th of December Pareto will be hosting a Nobel Lecture where Laurent Simula will be presenting the work and theory behind this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. More info about time and place will be posted once the date approaches.

Fourtly, we are planning a few social events for the coming period, on the 8th of December we have a mind to host a Christmas party for all students of the Master Programme, our plan is have a little get together with food and drinks before everyone leaves for chrismast, so keep an open spot in your calender! Also, this very week we are looking into hosting a small pub night at one of the local nations, more info will be coming once a time and place is set.

Regards, Pareto.

2014, November 16th

We have two new entries in our employment oppourtunities, go HERE and check them out!

2014, November 3rd

This coming Thursday (November 6th) Pareto are proud to present the third lecture in a longer series of presentations held by current Ph.D students at Uppsala economics department.

This time the lecture will be held by Ylva Moberg whom does research on differences in income within married couples and how this is affected by having children. She is particularly interested in comparing same-sex and heterosexual couples to see if the gender composition affects the division of labour within the couple.

We start up at 16:15 in room F433 and as usual there will be fika and a variety of Pareto themed items for sale. We expect the presentation to take roughly 45 minutes with an extended chance to ask questions and mingle with people at the department.

We hope to see you there!

Regards, Pareto.

Facebook event:

2014, September 30th


The first hectic month is coming to an end and we have several things to report, first and foremost we are proud to inform that our election meeting has taken place and the board has been filled up with a total of 15 people excited to take on new challenges for the coming year, we would also like to take this opportunity to in particular congratulate Fredrik Mikaelsson for attaining the post of president for Uppsala Pareto Economic Association, we are confident that with his election the organization are in good hands for the coming year.

Although all the positions in the board have been filled up there are still several ways that you as a member could get involved with the organization.

Firstly, we are currently looking for members interested in helping out with our, so-called, ”counting cabins” for B-level micro students: your role as a senior student is to help bachelor level students with solving problems for their regular classes during three hour sessions once a week. If you’re interested shoot an email to

Secondly, our second event for this terms Ph.D lectures is coming up on the 2nd of October with Jacob Lundberg on the topic of mapping the development of the Swedish distribution of wealth. The lecture will be held in room F433 in Ekonomikum at 16:15. Don’t miss out!

Other than that you are always welcome to attend our regular meetings which are usually held weekly in the afternoon, to get a specific time and place, as usual, send us an email! Also, we are planning a few social events and a possible study visit for the coming future so keep eyes and ears open for when and where.

Finally, we would also like to inform you about a career opportunity sent to us by Copenhagen Economics (one of the most influential consultancy firms which Pareto had the honor of hosting a case competition for last year, read up here) and their Economics Talent Day. The talent day is an event where Copenhagen Economics invite promising students from all of the nordic countries to show of their talents to a potential employer. The event will be held on the 10th of November and the last date for applying is the 20th of October, to read more and apply go HERE.

2014, September 16th

New semester, new faces.

Summer is over and a new semester begins with new endeavors and old responsibilities. Pareto would like to take a moment to welcome the new students of Uppsala University Economics Master Programme and thank everyone who attended the welcoming week, we sincerely hope that you had as much fun as we did and that you by now have started to settle in into your (potentially) new environment.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform about some upcoming events and opportunities.

First and foremost, today, the 16th of September, we are launching our new lecture co-operation with the Ph.D students of the department where about once a month a select Ph.D students will come a present his or her current research. We of Pareto are very excited about this new project and are positive that this will be a great learning experience for students of economics.

In addition, we have an annual meeting coming up on the 23rd of september, where not only the agenda for the coming year will be discussed but also, and perhaps most importantly, we will elect several formal positions for the Pareto Board. Hence, if you are interested in joining up with Pareto and help influence your education whilst getting some experience in the everyday workings of an organization do not hesitate to nominate either yourself or a friend for one or more of the available positions on the board air jordan retro. To do this, either send an email to or simply show up at the meeting and nominate yourself then and there (although we would prefer to have nominations set in beforehand).

Positions currently open for nomination:

3-7 Board members
2 persons to be part of election commitee

Also, if you would like to see what our day-to-day operations are like, we have a meeting scheduled for the 18th of september which all our current or potential members are welcome to attend.

We have great plans for the coming year, which will be revealed at a later date, thanks for listening and we wish you an educational and fruitful semester!


2014, June 15th

Pareto wishes you a happy summer! Pareto will be back next semester with loads of new activities and events. Until then stay well and enjoy the summer with your family and friends!

2014, May 28th

On Wednesday, May 28, the responsible teachers of the master’s elective courses offered in Autumn 2014 will be holding a brief presentation in cooperation with Pareto about their own courses. Through this event Pareto aims to inform all the first year students about the courses they are about to enroll in air max sale. For more info and schedule go HERE.


2014, May 21st


On the 21st of May, Che-Yuan Liang of Uppsala University Economics department will hold a lecture titled ”Optimal Inequality Behind the Veil of Ignorance”. The lecture will be held in room H425 in Ekonomikum at 16:15. Don’t miss out!

Facebook event


2014, May 11th

Employment Opportunity

The Swedish tax agency (skatteverket) are looking for four analysts, the deadline for applying is 18th of May.

For more info and to apply go here, job postings are listed and no direct link is available.

2014, May 8th

Alumni Event & Study Visit

On the 8th of May Pareto Uppsala are organizing two seperate events on the same day.

First, at 2:15 PM we have organized a study visit to ”The institute for labour market and educational politics evaluation”, IFAU for short, to sign up send an email to For more info, visit the event on facebook.

Secondly, at 3:15 PM an alumni event will take place where former students of the Uppsala University masters program for economics will visit and talk about their careers after having graduated in the form of lectures. Afterwards, there will be mingle event where you get the chance to talk to these former students with complimentary food and drinks. In order to attend this event please send an email to For more info, visit the event on facebook.


2014, April 17th

Job Opportunity

Swedish information portal ”” are looking for people interested in holding a couple of lectures this coming fall, job is for swedish speaking applicants only, go HERE for more information.

Last day for sending in application is 2nd of May.

2014, April 3

Job Opportunity

Ernst & Young are looking for people interested in joining their ”Talent Training Advisory”, it involves solving cases with other selected students in the coming fall of 2014 (september-october) during 6 different occasions at their offices in Stockholm.

The deadline for applying is 14th of April, for more information and application go HERE.

2014, April 2

Pub Quiz

On Tuesday, 8th of April at 7pm, Pareto will be holding an economics themed pub quiz  at Smålands Nation. We welcome our members to join us for a fun and relaxed evening.

 Pub Quiz Facebook Event

2014, March 30

Job Opportunity

Stelacon is currently looking for applicants for internship with them this coming fall. Applicants must speak Swedish. Information about the job is found in the link below.

Stelacon Praktikant

2014, March 17

Case Competition with Oxford Research
UPDATE: We have extended to registration date to 19th of March.

Pareto is organizing a Case Competition with Oxford Research on March 20th. Oxford Research will present a case for economics students, related to Oxford Research’s field of work.

Registration is required to attend the case competition. Please register by sending an email to, no later than 16th 19th of March.

The Case Competition will be held in Ekonomikum, room B115, 13:00, Thursday March 20th.

There will be prizes for the winning team and fika, welcome!


2014, March 11
Job Opportunity

Swedish department of finance are looking to hire people with a background in Economics and/or Political Science, for more info visit:

2014, March 07

Lecture with Per Engström

On Monday, March 31st, Per Engström will be holding a lecture in cooperation with Pareto. Per will be discussing his and Eskil Forsell’s study on consumer preferences, comparing app consumers’ rating to the app popularity on Google Play.

The lecture will be held in room H425 (Ekonomikum) at 16:15.



2014, March 

Master’s Information Meeting 

Pareto welcomes all bachelor students interested in the Master’s program in Uppsala to a special information meeting. Pareto representatives will explain about the application procedure, courses and personal experience of the program.

The Meeting will be held the 18th of March, 13.15 in H425, Ekonomikum. Welcome!


2014, February 7th

Annual meeting

Pareto’s annual meeting will be held Wednesday, 12th of February 2014, at 16.15 in room F433 (Ekonomikum). The posts of the treasurer, election committee, auditors and at least two ordinary board members will be up for election at the meeting.

Nominations will be received until the 11th of February and motions until the 7th of February. They should be addressed to the president Iffat Khan at:


2013, December 14th

This year’s Pareto Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 14th. Pareto will provide ”julmust” and christmas snacks as well as cups and plates which you can bring whatever you like to fill with. If you do not wish to have dinner come and join us anyway as we gather one last time before the holidays!

Find the event on Facebook.


2013, December 5th

Annual Nobel Lecture – On Thursday, December 5th, Eva Mörk, Professor of public economics at Uppsala University, will hold a lecture introducing the themes of this year’s Swedish Riksbank ‘Nobel Prize’ in Economics. The topic of the lecture will be ”Understanding Asset Prices.”

LINK to the event.



2013, November 25th

We welcome our members to join us at Gotland’s Nation for a pub night at 7pm, November 28th.

Link to the event:


2013, November 11th

Check out our new ‘Employment Opportunities‘ page where we will post available jobs from different companies. Keep your eyes on our site.


2013, November 8th

Pareto organized a case competition in association with Copenhagen Economics on Friday, November 8th, 2013. Copenhagen Economics (CE) representatives David Nordström & Amanda Stefansdotter presented the case and gave the teams 45 minutes to solve it. The teams then presented the case in front of the judges and a winner’s were decided based on these presentations. The winners were given a certificate of recognition and prizes for their achievement.

Photos of the event on facebook.



Additional information can be found on our Latest News page.


Pareto is back! Last week, we organized a case competition together with the consultancy firm Oxford Research, and it turned out to be a great afternoon. Caroline and Hedvig told us about working life as a consultant at Oxford Research, and presented the participants with a very challenging case on the theme Swedish adult education. Three teams competed for the win and all made very impressive presentations. After deliberation Caroline and Hedvig named the team of Louise, Máni, Anna, Fransizka and Niels the winners – CONGRATULATIONS! We also again want to thank Oxford Research for coming!