Pareto Uppsala Economic Association, commonly referred to as Pareto, is a non-profit student organization formed in the fall of 2010. Pareto’s purpose is to promote and increase student interest in various topics of economics. A diversity of scholarly views and interdisciplinary perspectives is encouraged in our activities and operations. An additional aim of the organization is to spread knowledge and stimulate debate about economic issues outside of Pareto’s member circle.

Pareto organizes lectures, debates, seminars, workshops and other similar activities to achieve its goals. Over the years lectures in various fields of Economics has been organized by Pareto. In fall semesters Pareto organizes a Nobel Lecture to discuss the Nobel Laureate in Economics and her/his contribution for which s/he was awarded this prize in that particular year. Pareto also organizes case competitions relating to fields of Business and Economics with successful firms such as Copenhagen Economics. Additionally Pareto organizes social events like pub nights, quizzes, Christmas parties and more!

Pareto is run by a bureau of four (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary) and a board (maximum 11 members). The president is responsible for the board’s work, including summoning the board meetings and ensuring that matters are dealt with and decisions are reached. The vice president assists the president with the board’s work and is responsible for activities and tasks which fall outside the ordinary area of responsibilities. The secretary is responsible for recording protocol at the association’s board meetings and for registering new members. The treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the association’s finances, accounting and resources are managed well. The treasurer works closely with most of the association’s operations and therefore has good insight into the association’s activities. The board members are there to assist the bureau in the regular operation.

Pareto does not have any political, ideological or theoretical ties and its headquarter is located in Uppsala, Sweden.

Pareto Official Documents:
Official Charter
Annual Reports 
Financial Reports
Board Meeting Protocols